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FAuDE Tec GmbH has set itself the goal of supporting you with your Cobot application. We want every company to venture into a robot solution so that it can continue to produce economically in Germany.

We want you to be able to implement reliable, economical and safe cobot solutions.

We help you differentiate between human-robot collaboration and cobot and hydride solutions.

We support you with the right products, services and cobot advice; as a system integrator, of course, we also take on the entire task from the concept to CE marking.

We are there for you, talk to us support@faudetec.de , If it becomes very urgent, you can also reach us by mobile: +49 151 6339 2903, please speak to the Voicebox. We’ll get back to you.

We regularly inform our customers about the latest news from the cobot and HRC market. Please subscribe to our newsletter one not to miss.

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+49 7161 9459 849

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