Voices from our customers

FAUDE has been offering solutions in the field of automation technology since 1990, during which time many references were created that give an insight into FAUDE’s expertise, here are a few customers who have made themselves available as references.

Robert Bosch GMBH – Ansbach plant

Reference Bosch

“We have been working successfully with Faude in the field of services for years. During this time, Faude was not only able to convince with technical competence, but also with the great willingness of the specialist staff, which went far beyond the normal and with consistently high quality. Last but not least, the adherence to deadlines shows Faude as a reliable partner company. “

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG – Nuremberg

Reference MAN

“The challenge – to coat an incorrectly positioned engine block on the vertical surface with a system – was perfectly solved by Faude with the Flexmotion.  After 24 months of production, we are still enthusiastic about the system and the technical competence of Faude. “

Christian Tauschhuber, module manager for engine assembly

SHW Schwäbische Hüttenwerke GmbH – Aalen

Reference SHW

“The systems used – a processing machine and several pick & place machines – are, in my opinion, some of the fastest machines on the market today. The use of Flexmotion has reduced the processing time by up to a third. The quality could be further improved due to the high precision of the systems.  Due to the speed of the systems combined with high availability, adherence to deadlines is not an issue for us – another important success factor. “

Andreas Richter, Head of Profit Center

ENSINGER GmbH – Nufringen

Reference Ensinger

“The Flexmotion multifunctional system offers our company an entry point into a flexible automation concept in which complex assembly processes combined with automated processing steps can be carried out with high precision. In the area of application technology, Faude already supplies individually tailored software and hardware solutions for our machines. In the future we want to continue to use Faude   solutions.”

Bernd Widmann, division manager

Grün & Köder GmbH – Stuttgart

Reference green & bait

“The cooperation with the company Faude in terms of Bosch projects is very good. The requirements of our customers in the various plants are and were implemented in such a way that a repeat order was placed. The employees in your company are very competent and it is fun to work with you. “

Rolf Grün, managing director

Kemmler & Riehle GmbH – Reutlingen

Kemmler + Riehle

“With the Faude company we have a competent partner at our side who impresses when carrying out projects with economic solutions, very good staff with great expertise and absolute adherence to deadlines. The high quality of the work results makes Faude an indispensable partner for our company. “

Peter Bindewald, project manager

Robert Bosch GmbH – Ansbach plant

Reference Bosch

“On the subject Dispensing we wanted to know that very high order speeds and constantly recurring precision at a high level are linked to one another. Not more but also not less. Faude has already proven himself to be a reliable technology partner in other tasks at Bosch. It is therefore all the more understandable that we want to continue to draw on this know-how in the future. “

Hartmut Fleiner, production preparation

Hecker Werke GmbH – Because in Schönbuch

Reference Hecker

“With the automation of production processes or production lines, we have found a really competent contact person for our requirements in Faude. As a project partner, with Faude we had a very fair and open-minded partner at our side and thus quickly came to a satisfactory solution. The implementation was carried out purposefully and with great commitment by the employees of Faude. We thank you for the good cooperation and look forward to further joint projects. “

Heinz Stäbler, Application Technology – Development of FA sealing plates / stuffing box packings

Paul Bippus GmbH – Oberndorf

Reference Bippus

“We are very satisfied with the work of your team here with us over the past 4 months and thank you that everything went off perfectly! We look forward to further, successful cooperation with your company! “

Holger Mack

Leistritz Thommen GmbH – tennis courts

Reference Leistritz

“A long-term, successful and uncomplicated partnership connects the Leistritz-Thommen house with the Faude Group. As a supplier in the field of automation systems for our CNC profile rolling machines, Faude has repeatedly impressed with new, innovative software and hardware solutions. Together we managed to be one of the world’s best manufacturers. “

Fritz Voegelin, managing director, developer of patented profile rolling machines of the highest precision

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