Processes based on real customer projects

Manufacturing processes that were implemented with cobots

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Cooperative robot cobots are suitable for a wide variety of processes.

The processes shown here should inspire you to think more intensively about the use of a cobot.

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Loading a machine tool

With the right automation solution, machine tools can be loaded and unloaded with great flexibility.

FARO Cobalt LBR KUKA iiwa

Testing and measuring

Contactless measurement and component testing in human-machine cooperation (HRC) with lightweight robots from KUKA, the LBR iiwa

Gluing and dosing

Possibilities for applying adhesive with an optimization during dispensing in order to avoid shortages and overfilling with different media can be easily implemented with the appropriate cobot application.


Assemble and screw

Feeding screws in order to screw two components together is one of the typical applications in the automation industry.

Moving and feeding

Safe, reliable movement and feeding for the realizable pick & place handling tasks.

Realizing a handling task is more than just pick and place. It’s about the right overall solution.


Welding and soldering

Reliably automate welding and soldering processes using lightweight robots

Automatic oiling

Greasing and oiling

Greasing or oiling are often still activities that are carried out by employees today. This is now also automated through the use of cobots

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