Gluing and dosing

Cobot application for gluing

When gluing, the dosage amount is a critical variable. The best results can be achieved here by means of adhesive automation on a cobot.

Possibilities for applying adhesive with an optimization during dispensing in order to avoid shortages and overfilling with different media can be easily implemented with the appropriate cobot application.

A dosing system developed for this application for collaborative robots for applying different media such as adhesives is attached to the front end. The collaborative robot dispensing system enables continuous process monitoring.

The advantages of automated dispensing are the precise and reliable application of sealants, as well as dispensing and testing in one operation. With the right robot solutions, this is also possible with high application speeds and in compact dimensions.

A lightweight robot can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

A solution from FAuDE Tec includes:

  • Choosing the right robot
  • Products tailored to the robot to meet the occupational safety guidelines
  • The right dispensing system for your application for precise and reliable application of sealants and adhesives
  • Project planning, construction, mechanical construction and software development
  • On-site instruction and commissioning
  • CE marking and documentation of your automation solution

In addition to the application of adhesive, the direct application of adhesive labels is an application that can be easily implemented by cobots. In the video provided, this task is carried out by 2 Universal Robots cobots