Loaded and unloaded

Highly flexible loading of machine tools

Cooperative robots are finding more and more applications for loading and unloading machines.

These can be machine tools such as milling centers or lathes, but cobots are also used when loading presses.

With the right automation solution, machine tools can be loaded and unloaded with great flexibility. A mobile robotic solution in one Robot base can be mounted at any point – on request also on a suitable robot trolley.

The intuitive operation of a cobot like that UR lightweight robot , ensures quick commissioning on your production or machine tool. The autonomous control with graphic simulation shows the process and thus helps to avoid errors and collisions.

A solution from FAuDE Tec includes:

  • Selection of the right robot for your loading and unloading solution
  • Products tailored to the robot to meet the occupational safety guidelines
  • The gripper with gripper fingers tailored to your product, optionally also a gripper change system
  • Project planning, construction, mechanical construction and software development
  • On-site instruction and commissioning
  • CE marking and documentation of your automation solution

Faude has designed and installed solutions since 2014. With this experience, we will find the right solution for you too.