Greasing and oiling

Oil points tickled with a cobot

Automatic system that can apply oiling points.

Greasing or oiling are often still activities that are carried out by employees today. This is now also automated through the use of cobots.

The dosing system specially developed for this application for collaborative robots to apply different media such as highly viscous, thick fats or low-viscosity, thin-bodied substances.

The collaborative robot dosing system enables continuous process observation and monitoring by the employee.

Another advantage lies in the increase in process quality and in the improved work ergonomics with low complexity, low investment costs and high flexibility at the same time. In addition, the overall system is very energy efficient ( Think blue factory ). Thus no shortage, no overfilling and 100% quality assurance.

The workpiece is lifted out indexed at the robot station. The robot then moves to the individual positions with the dosing system attached to the robot head. Due to the spherical dispensing needle, there can be no injury in the event of a collision with body parts or components.

Another advantage is that the needle compensates for component or position tolerances due to the spherical mounting and clings to bores. After each workpiece or after any number of workpieces, the robot moves to a calibration position (line laser curtain) in order to use an additional sensor system to detect the exact position of the needle tip of the dispensing system. The correction data are determined and automatically offset against the robot position.

This guarantees the process reliability of the needle positioning. If the position of the needle tip is correct, the workpiece is automatically released. If it is not ok, the workpiece must be removed or released by hand after being checked by the employee.

A solution from FAuDE Tec includes:

  • Selection of the right robot for your solution and framework
  • Products tailored to the robot to meet the occupational safety guidelines
  • Filling head with needle collision protection system and process monitoring
  • The right dispensing needle, pressure hose and storage container for your application
  • Project planning, construction, mechanical construction and software development
  • On-site instruction and commissioning
  • CE marking and documentation of your automation solution
Automatic oiling
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