Testing and measuring

Cobots for measuring and testing

Contactless measurement and component testing in human-machine cooperation (HRC) with lightweight robots from KUKA, the LBR iiwa

The solution shown here by FAUDE in cooperation with FARO consists of a mobile automation platform on which a collaborative robot from KUKA stands, the LBR iiwa . The Cobalt 3D imager from Faro, a scanner with high accuracy for contactless measurement, is mounted on its end effector.

A solution from FAuDE Tec includes:

Building the solution

This mobile robot-scanner combination combines the FARO Factory Array Imager with a collaborative robot from KUKA and thus provides a ready-to-use, flexible solution for inspection in and on the production line. Thanks to the turntable integrated in the instrument trolley, even more complex components can be captured from several sides. The overlapping images are simply “pinned together” after the measurement in order to measure the entire component completely. The FARO measuring head works with so-called blue light technology and records millions of 3D coordinate measuring points within seconds. The non-contact measurements enable measurements of up to 0.01 mm, which is sufficient for the usual measurements in the automotive industry. The applications are typically quality inspection, factory automation and dimensional inspection as part of the manufacturing process.

Assessment of the typical fields of application for measurement as an HRC solution

Today in many companies the measurement technology takes place in different places. From an economic point of view, it is advantageous if a Measuring system can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. The solution presented here solves this requirement by combining a scanner, robot and transportable platform with an integrated turntable.

Consideration of the environmental parameters

The integrated rotary table brings the workpiece to be measured into the correct position so that the scanner on the KUKA LBR iiwa can carry out an optimal measurement. The air conditioning from Rittal, which is integrated into the table, ensures that the electronic components do not overheat during long periods of use, even in midsummer.

Commissioning the system

The KUKA robot is either programmed via the touch panel or can be moved manually in freedrive mode. In this case, the operator has a handle on the front end of the robot that can easily move the KUKA LBR iiwa into different positions. In this way, processes can be taught in that will later run in practice as an automatic measuring routine. With this approach, this application also meets the requirements of Industry 4.0. With this system, the user can measure a component without his constant presence. But it also has the option of following the measurements directly on the system.

Acceptance of the system and CE creation

The operating instructions, the declaration of incorporation and the preparation for the CE documentation were created in cooperation with FARO. The measurements of the limit values according to TS 15066 were also carried out by means of a force-pressure measuring system for collaborative robots from GTE’s measuring device, so that the customer can decide, depending on his environment, whether he wants to work with an additional Sick floor scanner or the system as a complete HRC Want to operate the application.

This HRC application can be used for inspection applications on the production line so that the solution meets the principles of lean manufacturing by eliminating movements and time expenditure that are not required.

FARO Cobalt LBR KUKA iiwa
FARO Cobalt LBR KUKA iiwa
FARO Cobalt LBR KUKA iiwa
FARO Cobalt LBR KUKA iiwa
FARO Cobalt LBR KUKA iiwa
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