Our experience with cobots in real customer applications

Overview of cobot examples

Collaborative screwing in engine production

With the FANUC CR7ia – through the sensitive sensors built into the base – HRC applications can be implemented. To implement this cobot screw connection, the greatest challenge was to design the screwdriver securely so that the worker can work right next to the cobot.

Feed screws as an HRC application

Sharp-edged screws made HRC solutions impossible in the past. Here is an example with our customer Volkswagen for his Salzgitter plant – a real human-robot collaboration for feeding the screws.
Cobots and HRC in production are not just a hype but a lasting change in production.

Contactless measurement for FARO with the KUKA LBR iiwa

Component testing in human-machine cooperation (HRC) on a mobile automation platform on which a collaborative robot from KUKA, the LBR iiwa, is located. The Cobalt 3D imager from Faro, a scanner with high accuracy for contactless measurement, is mounted on its end effector.

Smart Factory - 4 UR cobots screw together in a mobile HRC application at the same time

Due to the variety of products, full automation can no longer be implemented everywhere. These are the typical applications in which cobots are used. In the application shown here, 4 cobots – by Universal Robots – were mounted on a mobile platform.

We want you to be able to implement reliable, economical and safe cobot solutions.

We help you differentiate between human-robot collaboration and cobot and hydride solutions.

We support you with the right products, services and cobot advice; as a system integrator, of course, we also take on the entire task from the concept to CE marking.

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