Accessories for the Doosan Robotics Cobots product portfolio

End-of-arm tools for your cobot

Doosan lightweight robot can be adapted to a variety of individual uses. in most cases all you need is the right accessories. With solutions from FAuDE Tec you get everything from a single source.

Thanks to the wide range of accessories, your flexible lightweight robots are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Both programming and retooling for other processes are quick and easy – making it attractive to automate almost all manual work.

Teach cockpit

Well thought-out unique solution for direct programming on the cobot. A teach cockpit on the front robot axis, teaching without using an external control panel. Suitable for M series, A series and H series. Direct button operations on the front axis to select and save the robot coordinates.

Smart Pendant

The smart pendant is a user-friendly, simple operation of the cobot with the frequently used function keys such as programs start and stop, drive to the starting position, servo ON / OFF. However, programming via the smart pendant is not possible. Only suitable for the A series.

Teach pendant

The Teach Pendant is as easy to use as a tablet PC. Programming takes place via a user-friendly and modern interface. In conjunction with the DART platform, it enables simple programming and the configuration of various applications. Included as standard with the M series, optionally available for the A series and for the H series.

Cable Guide

The media guide for Doosan Robotics realizes a more efficient cable management. The dress pack leads electrical cables and pneumatic hoses to the end effectors of the robot. The integrated adjustment brackets for clamping make it easy to attach, detach and reposition the dress pack on the robot.

Robot protective suit

Prevents the penetration of liquids in order to enable safe operation of the cobot even in harsh environments. The robot jacket protects the robot from moisture, such as drilling emulsions inside processing machines. The two-stage water barrier with PU coating allows the Doosan robot to maintain optimal movement. The plastic cover is made of elastane and carbon fiber with an additional polyurethane coating.

Optionally also for the food processing industry in IP67 design.

Mobile base unit

Complete unit with robot and controller to change the position of the cobot quickly and easily. The mobile unit is more spacious and a practical storage space for tools and peripherals.

Smart vision module

Doosan’s Smart Vision Module offers position, angle, diameter and length measurement. This means that the Plug & Play camera can be used for various vision applications. With white light LED X 2ea, weight 348g

Teach Pendant Soft Cover

The cover protects the Doosan Teach Pendant safely from external influences and is made of dirt-repellent material in the color navy. The handle can be used for a better grip during operation and can also be used as a stand. Weight: 350g

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Doosan Teach Cockpit as an accessory