The Doosan Robotic Series

With 3 series and 10 cobots, Doosan offers payloads of up to 25kg or ranges of up to 1.7m.

The cobots with an extraordinary sensitivity and sensitive collision detection were already used in 2018 in the applications of the Korean automotive and machine tool construction industry.

Doosan FAuDE Tec

The aim of the global technology group from South Korea – with more than 42,000 employees – is to offer cobots with which production tasks can be carried out precisely and efficiently, whereby ease of use is always in the foreground.

The high sensitivity of the cobots enables human-robot collaborations with close cooperation with humans. Doosan’s cobots have 6 axes, a light structure, a payload of up to 25 kg and a range of up to 1,700 mm.

In addition to functionality, aesthetics were also a criterion in product development. In 2018, the robots won the reddot award in which they convinced with quality and functionality. Thus, the employees in production are also happy about the piece of jewelry that is worked side by side.

Through many years of Experience of Doosan in the machine tool industry control algorithms could be used for the programming, the cutting-edge technology was implemented on a proven high-performance software platform and thus also manages the balancing act between innovative and reliable, without neglecting simple, intuitive user-friendliness. Programming is as easy for the user as he is used to from smartphones or tablets.

  • High sensitivity and sensitive collision detection
  • Great functional safety and precise functionality thanks to highly sensitive torque sensors in all 6 joints (in the M and H series)
  • Payloads from 5 kg to 25 kg
  • Reaches from 900 mm to 1,700 mm
  • Optimal price-performance ratio, as you can choose from 10 robot types from 3 series.
  • Interface to common front-end providers (gripper, vacuum, grinding, ..)
  • Extensive range of coordinated accessories from Doosan and third-party suppliers, as well as from FAuDE

Doosan Robotic - A-Series

Flexible adaptation to your individual needs and the omission of optional components make the A-series the cheapest model series from Doosan Robotics. Thanks to advanced technology, this series achieves the greatest acceleration and the highest speed in the industry.

Doosan Robotic - M-Series

Doosan’s M series is also called the Masterpiece series. The name describes the approach of the products: highest quality for the cobot. The series of torque sensors in each joint offers excellent accuracy and reliability. The precision can be used in applications such as welding, assembly, material removal and machine placement.

Doosan Robotic - H-Series

The H-series stands for high-power and represents the most powerful model series from Doosan Robotics. Due to the low robot weight compared to other cobots in the same performance class, the H-series achieves astonishing agility despite the high payload.

Doosan Robotic Accessories

Thanks to the wide range of accessories, your flexible lightweight robots are suitable for a wide variety of applications. Both programming and retooling for other processes are quick and easy – making it attractive to automate almost all manual work.

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