Download area – further documents

The documents in the download area are freely available. The aim is to provide you, the customer, with background information on the subject of cobots. We at FAuDE Tec GmbH would like to enable you to independently implement safe and reliable cobot applications. If you have any comments on the download documents available here, we would be delighted if you contact us.

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UR Whitepaper – The enabling button
Necessity in human-robot collaboration (HRC)

Download enabling device UR white paper

You may find additions on the official UR homepage and you may download other white papers and Download Cobots eBooks

Flyer SaCa control panel, for retrofitting the UR control panel

Flyer ProLight lighting ring, to expand UR robots

Flyer Cable-Guide, as safe and reliable energy supply for pneumatic tubes and cables, suitable for all UR robot types

Flyer ProSuit protective cover, a protection of joints and guides, designed for UR robots UR3 to UR16

Protective coat ProSuit

Data sheet robot base, including dimensions for the matching UR robot, UR3, UR5, UR10

Assembly instructions for the SaCa control panel, for retrofitting existing UR control devices with a 3-point enabling device with integrated Freedrive