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Robot trolleys for cobots

Mobiler Roboterwagen für UR Doosan

With the mobile robot trolley for cobots, the cobot can be quickly and manually rolled from one workstation to another.

A mobile robot trolley has the advantage of being able to automate several workstations with a complete system, as required.
The flexibility through manual movement via the integrated roles always brings the cobot to the point where automation is in the foreground.

The robot trolley is a flexible, versatile solution for industrial assembly. The robot unit can be easily moved to the site and is quickly ready for use there. It works safely with people in a confined space – an ideal combination of advanced robotics and human know-how.

Flexible and adaptable solutions for Human-robot collaboration – MRK – are in great demand. The robot trolley offers exactly the right solution for these special requirements in industrial assembly areas : By its wheels is the robot unit location-flexible and brings the cobot exactly where it should be active.

You change the place of use of the robot unit manually and within a short time. Humans and robots move freely in the same room without protective fences and work together on the same workpiece. This opens up new ways in the planning of plants and a smooth variation in the degree of automation.

The robot trolley is available in a wide variety of designs and with further options.

Doosan robot car

Doosan Mobile Base

Complete unit with robot and controller to change the position of the cobot quickly and easily. The mobile unit is more spacious and a practical storage space for tools and peripherals. The Mobile Base unit can be ordered as an accessory for all 3 Doosan Cobot series.

This flexible robot unit can be moved manually to its place of use and put into operation within a very short time. Through their wheels is that
Robot trolley is flexible in terms of location and brings the Doosan Cobot to where it should be active.

Description of the mobile robot unit in detail:

  • Rollable control cabinet for Doosan robots
  • The mobile base is the spacious and practical storage space for the robot, the controller and the control panel to enable flexible relocation and movement.
  • Various devices such as pallets and laser scanners can be installed.
  • Storage rooms allow tools to be stored and used.
  • Space for cable management and teach panel.
  • Easy driving and positioning thanks to four castors (with integrated braking system) and adjustable feet
  • Integrated slider drawer for controller holder and tool storage
  • 2-door structure
    Front: hinged door
    Rear: removable door
  • Built-in T-levels
KUKA Cobot robot trolley

Robot trolley suitable for KUKA robotics and UR cobots

This flexible robot unit can be moved manually to its place of use and put into operation within a very short time. Thanks to its wheels, the robot trolley is flexible in terms of location and brings the cobot to where it should be active.

The stable robot trolley is suitable for all robots of the small robotics class. In particular, the cobots from UR and the LBR iiwa from KUKA are predestined for this application. 

However, compromises must be made in terms of dynamics,  therefore the robot trolley is not suitable for a dynamic small robot such as the KUKA Agilus series. 

Description of the mobile robot unit in detail:

  • On the scratch-resistant functional plate made of brushed stainless steel you will find a corner drilling pattern in all four corners. This allows you to position the robot left and right.
  • The signal tower with teach panel holder is placed on one side. The height-adjustable one
    Handle enables the robot trolley to be staked in the ground.
  • The pneumatic unit with high-quality guide pullout makes it easier for you to access
    installed components and during maintenance.
  • The cobot and the robot controller can be mounted on the robot cart as well
    the control cabinet components are built into the housing.
  • A cooling unit with an active fan is integrated.
  • The robot trolley meets the standards of protection class IP 54.
  • The roles of the robot trolley help you with manual transport over short distances.
  • You can travel longer distances thanks to the integrated
    Put back forklift pockets with the forklift.
  • The parking brake on the castors or the hydraulic lowering function ensure that the robot trolley is in a safe position.
  • In addition, bolts and sword bolts ensure a stable position, this hangs
    together with the lower handle position. This is monitored by a safety-related sensor.
Doosan robot car
Doosan robot car
Robotic car
Robotic car
Robotic car
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