Smart Factory with Universal Robots at Audi

4 UR cobots screw together in a mobile HRC application at the same time

Smart Factory at Audi in Ingoldstadt shows an application with universal robots on a mobile HRC platform

For the Smart Factory at Audi in Ingoldstadt, we at FAUDE produced an application in which 4 Universal Robots brand cobots work in a mobile HRC application at the same time.

FAUDE’s task in this project was the design and construction of the appropriate solution, as well as the programming of the 4 robots and the Siemens PLC S7. Rounded off with the final safety assessment, creation of operating instructions and CE marking.

The underbody screwing of cars is different depending on the model type, which is why this activity is usually carried out by several workers today. These have to screw in an unergonomic posture and also move with the vehicle transport line. With this application, which was developed and built for the AUDI Smart Factory in Ingolstadt, the screw connections are also implemented using UR cobots.

In the application shown here, 4 cobots – by Universal Robots – were mounted on a mobile platform. This “screwing platform” is guided under the conveyor belt by an employee. The simultaneous operation of the 4 UR cobots enables 14 screw connections to be implemented in the specified cycle time. A driverless transport system was intentionally dispensed with here, as the focus was on making the screw connection more flexible.

Those familiar with HRC applications will notice the Sick scanner attached to the side. The background to this safety element is that people in the vicinity of the screwing platform do not reach over the Plexiglas pane and are thus injured by the sharp-edged screwdriver. The employee also guides the platform using the consent button, so he can stop the robot at any time and return it to the safe starting position.

This application shows that HRC always exist in different forms. With this application we would like to show the human-robot coexistence, working in separate workspaces. The advantage here is that customer requirements can be adapted to cycle times and flexibility.

Audi Faudetec UR MRK