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Accessories for Universal Robots (UR)

UR accessories products

UR products from FAuDE Tec

For UR robots, FAuDE Tec GmbH offers a wide range of products to make the collaborative universal robot even safer, more durable and easier to operate.

Control panel with enabling button SaCa CB and eSeries from UR robots

To the Standard for industrial robots DIN ISO EN 10218-1 To meet this requirement, robots and cobots must be equipped with an enabling device.

This safety product protects the employee from possible malfunctions, be it due to technical hardware errors or an error in the programming of the robot. The control panel with the SaCa Safety Case enabling button for retrofitting the UR Teach Panel protects the commissioning engineer from injuries that could result from the robot.

The SaCa control panel is available for the UR CB series for the UR3 / UR5 / UR10 types as well as for the new UR eSeries UR3e / UR5e / UR10e / UR16e .

Retrofitting the UR robot with an enabling button and an integrated Freedrive button increases the safety requirements for industrial robots in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10218-1.

ProLight - Lighting protection ring for UR Cobot applications

By expanding the UR robots with the ProLight protective lighting ring on axis 6, operating states can be visualized. In addition, the protective ring covers the sharp-edged tool interface on the UR robot, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

The optical visualization of the robot status involves lighting in blue and red, so the operator can quickly see whether it is necessary to intervene in the system.

The lighting protection ring ProLight thus supports the fulfillment of the safety requirements for industrial robots DIN EN ISO 10218-1

Cable Guide

By attaching the C-Guide media guide, FAUDE offers the option of feeding electrical and pneumatic lines to the end effector via the robot.

ProSuit - robot protective jacket

Protective jacket to protect the robot from environmental influences, such as B. paint splashes, dust or oil

RoboBase - robot base

The Robo-Base robot base offers the option of installing the UR lightweight robot in a stationary manner in your system and enables safe and vibration-free operation of the UR robots.

Robotic car

Robot trolleys - the rolling control cabinet

With the mobile robot trolley for cobots, the cobot can be quickly and manually rolled from one workstation to another.

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