ProLight - lighting protection ring

Lighting and protection ring for cobots

The lighting protection ring ProLight fulfills two functions at the same time, it shows operating states and has rounded corners for HRC applications

The operating status of the robot must be indicated by visual signals. With the ProLight, the operating status of the robot can be seen in two colors. The rounded design reduces the risk of injury and at the same time covers the connection socket of axis 6 on the UR robot. These must be additionally secured according to guidelines.

When implementing HRC applications, special requirements have to be met.
In particular, the standards and guidelines on the components must be observed so that employees cannot be injured. The ProLight is a lighting protection ring, which FAUDE uses to meet the safety requirements for industrial robots ( DIN EN ISO 10218-1 ) has developed.

  • Meets the safety requirements for industrial robots (DIN EN ISO 10218-1) for HRC applications
  • Reduction of the risk of injury
  • Visualization of the current operating status
  • Despite the coverage, the tool interface can still be used,
    Restriction: The outputs of the tool interface are used by the ProLight
  • It is recommended for both HRC and non-HRC solutions, as the robot can therefore also be used for other purposes at short notice
  • Lighting protection ring can be retrofitted for every UR robot type
  • Breakout for the tool interface
  • ProLight Tool connection cable: M8 6P straight, 1.5 m

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