Robot protective suit

Protective cover for UR robots
ProSuit is a protective coat that protects the UR robot from the penetration of particles into the joints.

Due to environmental influences such as dust, oil, drilling emulsion or paint splashes, particles could enter the axes of the UR robot, which could contaminate and damage the joints. Thus, the service life of the UR robot is drastically reduced and unplanned downtimes can occur. To protect against this, the ProSuit protective suit cover can be fitted.

3 Different versions of the protective coat

FAuDE Tec GmbH offers robot protection in various forms. Depending on the application and environmental conditions, a balance must be made between maximum protection and maximum freedom of movement. In the case of the one-piece design (ProSuit ONE and ProSuit F&P), protection from environmental influences is in the main issue, whereby a restriction of freedom of movement must be accepted. Alternatively, the ProSuit FLEX protective cover provides good protection against environmental influences with maximum possible freedom of movement.

All variants were specially designed for the UR robot types and tested in practice. The heat dissipation emanating from the joints is not hindered by the protective suit, so a build-up of heat can be avoided and the service life is not reduced.

ProSuit ONE

One-piece, extremely tear and wear-resistant robot protective cover, excellent for protecting the joints. This protective sheath protects the entire robot, however, in the case of restricted freedom of movement.

ProSuit FLEX

Three-part robot protective cover with high flexibility of the robot positions in the work area, with maximum possible freedom of movement of the robot

ProSuit F&P

One-piece protective robotic coat for the food industry, in the clean room and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Versions of the protective suit for robots

Even the UR3 can be retrofitted, for all UR robot types there is a corresponding ProSuit in the ONE / FLEX / F&P versions

ProSuit ONE – the robust one-piece UR robot protective suit

The protective coat ProSuit ONE is a one-piece robot protective cover with thermally welded seams. This protection is extremely tear- and wear-resistant and is ideal for protecting UR gears in the ceramic processing industry, for painting applications and for drilling emulsions in machining centers.

Technical specifications

Including fastening set for fixing the protective jacket on the robot. Consists of: self-adhesive hook tape and cable ties

ProSuit FLEX – the flexible UR robot protective cover

The three-part robot protective cover ProSuit FLEX offers great flexibility in the robot positions, thanks to the highly elastic coated polyester and the 3-part design. The robot protective suit is extremely tear and wear-resistant and is suitable for protecting the UR robot gears in the ceramic processing industry, in painting applications and in machining centers when the requirement for a large work area and complex robot poses or the maximum possible freedom of movement of the robot is required.

Technical specifications

Including fastening set for fixing the protective jacket on the robot. Consists of: self-adhesive hook tape and cable ties

ProSuit F&P – the UR robot protective jacket for the food and pharmaceutical industries

The one-sided PU film laminated polyester robot protective cover of the ProSuit F&P is suitable for UR applications in food processing, in clean rooms and in the pharmaceutical industry. The high-pressure-resistant, dirt-repellent, easy-to-clean material is resistant to commonly used cleaning agents and boiling water resistant up to 75 ° C.

The protective cover complies with the FDA 21 CFR chap. 1, EGV 1935/04 and meets the standard IP 67 requirements.

Technical specifications

Certified assurance

At the moment the certification processes are going through the UR + team from Universal Robots . We assume that the ProSuit protective cover will soon be available on the UR + platform.

So that is next to that Safety Case SaCa control panel, the Lighting protection ring ProLight, of the Media guide cable guide , the fourth product from FAuDE Tec GmbH certified by UR and awarded for perfect integration for Cobots from the world market leader Universal Robots.

Flyer for the “ProSuit” protective cover to protect joints and guides

Protective coat ProSuit