Cable Guide

Energy and Cable-Guide for cobots

With the media guide you bring hoses and cables safely from the controller to the end effector

FAUDE offers the possibility of routing electrical and pneumatic lines via the robot to the end effector by attaching the energy and media guide.

Due to the innovative robust design of the media guide, the cables are guided safely and flexibly on the robot. The design enables a long service life without kinks and injuries to hoses and cables in any robot position.

The media guide consisting of:

  • Ball-bearing hose holder for optimal freedom of movement
  • Fixed hose holder with support comb for cable strain relief
  • Flexible protective hose

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-dimensionally mobile
  • High tensile force absorption due to the special “trailer principle” (= ball / ball socket principle)
  • Excellent mechanical properties – impact-resistant, dirt-repellent, robust, abrasion-resistant and chip-proof
  • Small bending radii and small divisions – for space-saving installation
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • High stability – thanks to external stops, clear stops for radius and torsion

Media / Energy Guide for Doosan

Doosan Media Guide Dress Pack

Energy management for Doosan Robotics via a media guide

The media guide for Doosan Robotics realizes a more efficient cable management. The dress pack leads electrical cables and pneumatic hoses to the end effectors of the robot. The integrated adjustment brackets for clamping make it easy to attach, detach and reposition the dress pack on the robot.

Available as an option on Doosan’s M-Series for types: M0609 / M1013 / M1509 / M0617

Further versions on request.

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