energy cable guide

By attaching the C-Guide media guide, FAUDE offers the option of feeding electrical and pneumatic lines to the end effector via the robot.

Thanks to the innovative, robust design of the Cable-Guide, the cables are guided safely and flexibly on the robot. The design enables a long service life without kinks and injuries to hoses and cables in any robot position

The energy cable guide consists of:


Examples in use

Cobot application at the VW plant in Salzgitter:

Feed in the Cable-Guide loaded

For this purpose, the trade journal Automationpraxis has made an experience report with tips and tricks from Dieter Faude available online, take a look, …..

Flyer of the media tour Cable Guide for UR robots

Flyer Cable-Guide as German version

Cable Guide C-Guide

Technical Specification of the cable-guide, English Version

Cable Guide

Installation instructions for media routing for UR robots type UR5 / UR10

Media routing Assembly instructions for UR5 and UR10 robots