Welcome to FAuDE Tec GmbH, an automation company with the focus Factory Automation, Services and Engineering, in German language Fabrik Automation Dienstleistung und Engineering.

Our goal is to support you successfully in your cobot automation project.

To this end, FAuDE Tec GmbH offers products and services related to automation with robots. The focus is on lightweight robots and cobots.


Cobots differ from industrial robots by their low weight and their quick and easy commissioning. Cobot The market leader is Universal Robots from Denmark, but the established industrial robot manufacturers such as KUKA, FANUC, ABB and Yaskawa also have lightweight robots and cobots in their product portfolio.

As an independent company, we support all cobot providers with our products and services, whereby our focus is on applications with UR Robots , KUKA Agilus and the FANUC CRia / CRX series.

Human-robot collaboration (HRC)

It is important to us not only to consider the robot itself, but the entire application and the production environment. We therefore never tire of explaining the differences between a cobot and an HRC application.

HRC = human robot

HRC areas

If you would like to find out more on this topic, we recommend taking a look at KUKA’s planning method: Human-robot collaboration at work | KUKA AG

the position paper from VDMA: Safety in human-robot collaboration

or the homepage of the DRV | The German Robotics Association


For all applications with robots, the standard of DIN ISO 10218 Part 1 applies and for the integration solution, Part 2; for collaborative applications, DIN ISO TS 15066 is added. We have learned from our many years of experience with robotics and automation, which is important for customer applications. From this the FAuDE Tec products arose. Our goal is to make your application safer, more reliable and more durable with the right products. All products have been installed, tested and optimized for durability in a wide variety of different applications. We also know that nothing is worse than an unplanned machine downtime, regardless of whether it is in a small business or a large corporation.


In our endeavor to make applications of cobots safer and more reliable, we strive to always focus on simple commissioning, simple programming and simple use in all of our developments. Even if FAuDE Tec is allowed to support you with PLC programming, your operators will be delighted with the simple and clear user interface

Our top 3

At this point we would like to introduce only our 3 top product highlights

SaCa control panel, the safety case for UR robots

Above all, the retrofittable 3-stage enabling switch in the integrated protective cover for the UR teach panel. Compliance with the robot standard DIN ISO 10218 Part 1 is significantly supported by the consent button with integrated free drive button and additional protection for the control panel. Your commissioning engineers are protected from possible errors in the software or hardware in front of the robot, as the commissioning engineer always remains in contact with the UR robot.

FAUDE SaCa Teach Panel UR

When and whether an enabling button is required can be read in the UR white paper.

Enabling button UR White Paper

Lighting protection ring ProLight, visualization of the cobot operating states

Operating states can be visualized by expanding the UR robots with the ProLight protective lighting ring. In addition, the protective ring covers the sharp-edged tool interface on the UR robot and thus reduces the risk of injury in HRC applications.

ProLight lighting protection ring

Media guide C-Guide, the “Cable Guide” guide for robots

Attaching the C-Guide media guide creates the possibility of safely and reliably feeding electrical and pneumatic lines to the end effector via the robot. The whole thing without kinks and injuries to cables. The design enables a long service life in any robot position with the greatest possible freedom of movement for the cobot.

FAUDE media tour SaCa for UR

FAuDE Tec – specialist in the field of lightweight robotics and cobots

We would be happy if you are also convinced that HRC and cobots are not just a hype, but a long-term further development in robotics to implement new applications and to support people in stressful activities.

Our technical sales team is available to answer your questions at any time. We would be happy to visit you personally and discuss your requirements.

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